DKL Notify

This mobile (android) widget is a version of the The widget will notify / show the current and next hours events.
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Installation [+]
From this page, you can download the APK (the android application). After download, your phone browser should ask you if you want to open (install) it or not. So, chose install. In case your phone browser doesn't ask you anything, manually browse to the downloaded folder and execute the APK from there.
The Application [+]
After you install the application, please open it (before adding the widget on the screen).
In the main application you can see 3 buttons at the bottom (Book, Settings and About) and 1 button on the top-right corner (Menu).

Book Button will show the web version of the time events (internet must be enabled)
Note: The widget will work without internet connection, but the Time table requires an active connection.

Menu Button will open information about Dark Eden game and some usefully tools that can help players.

Settings Button allow you to chose the notification sound for the events. You can choose: nothing for no sound, English or Spanish events sayings, or different sounds. For Spanish and English each event will have its own vocal saying.
Note: the notification is triggered from 5 in 5 minutes starting with 20 minutes before the event hour. So, you will receive notification at minute 40, 45, 50 and 55.

About Button will display credits about the contribuitors of this application and the version number.

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The Widget [+]

First row of the widget shows the 3 most important onging events (there are hours with more than 3 events). The second row shows the next events.

If you touch the blue section you will see a baloon with all events for current and next hours. If you touch the red section the main application will be opened.

The events are shown as icons. For all icons and their meaning please see this table:

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What`s New [+]
version 10
- fixed the error regarding Bible Wars time.
- added more info on the Main Application Book section.
- added button to open the application webpage on the Main Application > Info Section.

version 9
- first release